Secondary School Transition

A key focus for our Senior Team is preparing students and their families for the transition to secondary school.

Our transition program works in partnership with our School’s Wellbeing Program. The Wellbeing Program aims to develop socially skilled and empathic learners, who display responsibility; resilience; and maintain positive relationships with others. Throughout the senior years’ we work to:

  • develop student’s self-regulation strategies, so they can have greater emotional regulation and be fully engaged in learning;
  • build a skill set of social and emotional behaviours that allow students to work effectively with others; and,
  • develop independence through a self-sufficient home and school routine.

Another key aspect of preparing students for secondary school is a focus on building leadership skills. Examples of how we have achieved this include:

  • Student run assemblies – this provides an authentic vehicle for leadership development and an opportunity for individuals and classes to showcase their learning;
  • Student Representative Council – students participate to act on issues affecting student life. This helps students move from compliance to empowerment through engagement in real life problems within the school and the wider community;
  • Student/Principal forums – senior students may meet with the principal for forums/focus group sessions across the year to discuss issues relating to their wellbeing and learning.