Our Parish

St Monica’s Church is the oldest Catholic Church in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. However the actual parish is now one of the smallest – the boundaries being the Maribyrnong River, Ballarat Road, Geelong Road, Victoria street, Walter Street (Yarraville) and Lyons Street.

Like the suburb of Footscray itself, the parish which once comprised a large residential area now consists of a small resident population.

The Parish community reflects the multicultural nature of Footscray, and at Mass on Sunday the Vietnamese community contribute by reading and saying appropriate parts of the Mass in their own language.






Saint Monica

Saint Monica, our school patron saint was born in North Africa in 322 and died in Italy in 387. She was a good Christian who cared for her family and other people.

St Monica’s Feast Day is 27th August.

Saint Monica was a great mother who tried to give her children the best education that she could. She prayed especially for her son Augustine who unlike her did not believe in God. Saint Monica was very patient and had great faith that God would answer her prayers. 

Saint Monica is remembered and prayed to because she is the patron saint of mothers, wives, married women and widows. We Pray that we can be more like her in our faith and prayer life