What Our Community Says About Us…

What Parents are saying?

We are delighted we chose St Monicas for our son's education. It is Footscray's hidden gem when it comes to primary schools. We toured four different schools before finding St Monicas, and we knew from the moment we stood in the schoolyard that this was the school for us. And we are glad that we did. Our son has thrived at St Monica's.

It is the most wonderful nurturing learning environment, and he responds extremely well to the love and care he receives. He is surpassing our expectations with his numeracy and literacy learning. I am delighted that he is engaged in his learning in religious education in such a positive way.

The school is small and diverse, as is the school community. Loving, caring and connected. We, the parents, connect, get to know each other, and share a sense of connection and community spirit. And as the years go on, we look forward to building even stronger connections with more people from the wider school community through events and social engagements. We feel lucky to have chosen St Monicas in Footscray for our son's education!

Aisling - Prep parent

We recommend St Monica’s to any families looking for a small community school which accommodates each child’s learning abilities and small teacher to child ratio. As parents we value St Monica’s catholic traditions, multicultural students and communication with teachers/staff. Our children love the sport programs throughout the year as well. Bullying is also strictly not tolerated. All my three kids love going to school and even say they have so much fun when doing maths!

Steven and Linda - Parents of three children

They say "it takes a village to raise a child"
What does that mean?
To me it is an environment that is safe, healthy and inclusive. St Monica's is that village and it's in the heart of Footscray.

Karen - Prep parent

We chose to send our son to St Monica’s because we were impressed with how caring and attentive the teachers are to our child. With small class sizes and highly experienced staff, we felt that our son would receive a brilliant education.

Since attending St Monica’s we have been impressed with how quickly our child has thrived and developed. The extensive use of phonics has also meant that our child’s reading and writing has greatly improved.

Because of the strong, tight-knit community, he has made meaningful friendships and we often catch up with other supportive families.

Ryan and Lisa - New Prep parents

What students are saying?

We like St. Monica’s because of its welcoming atmosphere. The heart warming greetings and smiles you receive everyday by all the staff and students makes it a school like no other. Every day we look forward to going to school to learn something new, see my teachers and be with my friends.

Middle students

We love St Monica’s school because it is small and we feel safe and we never get lost. It's a place of belonging! Our teachers make it so welcoming and great. We love having fun with our friends and learning new problem-solving skills in mathematics and developing our reading and writing skills.

Senior students

I like St Monica's because everyday I look forward to seeing all of my friends and teachers who are the most funny individuals I have ever met. I like St Monica’s but even though it's a small school we all still have so much fun and they make all students feel welcomed and safe. I like St Monica’s School so anyone who is interested in enrolling their children to our school should definitely consider joining our amazing school.

I like St Monica’s because it is a friendly and kind atmosphere that I love returning to, with an addition of laughs and smiles. I like St Monica’s so I hope in the future it continues to thrive into a brilliant and bright school.

Junior Students

What teachers are saying?

At St Monica’s we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and encourage a love of learning, from teachers who love to teach. We make a difference in the lives of children each day through a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes and nurtures the diverse needs of all our students.

At St Monica’s we are a community of learners who value the potential and integrity of all members of our community. Our intimate setting allows us to build strong relationships between all stakeholders. Our commitment to the growth of all learners is second to none and we take great pride in celebrating student success.