Assessing and Reporting

Staff at St. Monica’s continually monitor each child’s learning. Students regularly complete assessment tasks that allow teachers to gain a clearer understanding of what each child needs to learn or to gauge how well each child is understanding what has been taught.  

Assessment and reporting are an essential part of our planning and implementation process where we strive to use valid, relevant and reliable processes to achieve accurate results. A regular cycle of pre- and post-testing allows teachers to differentiate the curriculum and tailor content to the student’s point of need. Information is regularly gathered and analysed by teachers and is also utilised when reporting to parents and guardians. 

St. Monica’s formal reports are aligned against the standards outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.  Parents receive two formal written reports each year. These reports are provided both electronically and in printed form at the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2. We also encourage parents to communicate with their child’s class teachers to address any learning needs and progress.