Starting At St Monica’s

St Monica’s provides a comprehensive transition program for parents and children, aiming to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition to our school.

Commencing school is an important milestone in both a child’s and family’s life.

We understand this and have built a transition program to ensure this milestone is a happy and exciting one.

Orientation at St Monica’s aims at providing an opportunity for not only the child, but the whole family to begin a relationship with our school community.  With this key goal in mind, we provide a comprehensive program which provides a range of activities to begin to build this relationship.

Kindergarten Visits

  • Teachers visit prospective students in their kindergartens
  • This provides an opportunity to not only talk with kindergarten teachers, but also see the students in their own environment
  • The visit allows our teachers to begin to form a relationship with the student and begin to plan their transition to St Monica’s

Play Dates!

  • Children and their families are invited to several informal ‘play dates’ at St Monica’s
  • Aims to allow children and their families to feel at home in our environment and our community

Informal Orientation Sessions

  • These voluntary sessions are run throughout November
  • They provide an opportunity for prospective students to come and sit in with a prep class for an hour and see what happens at school!
  • Students are partnered with a ‘buddy’ in these sessions, and this buddy will continue into the prep year
  • Provides an invaluable opportunity for students to begin to feel comfortable in their new environment

Formal Orientation Session

  • A half-day session for all new prep students
  • The session aims to continue to build a relationship with the child and their family, and allow the children to become more comfortable in the school environment