Learning & Teaching


At St Monica’s we pride ourselves on incorporating contemporary learning approaches, to empower students with the knowledge and skills in literacy that they need to meet challenges not only today, but into the future.

Our programs draw on the leading research of Associate Professor John Munro (The University of Melbourne, ACU), Professor Irene Fountas and Professor Gay Pinnell.


Our reading program empowers students with the skills to confidently listen to, discuss, read, and view, a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts. We use the Levelled Literacy Intervention program (developed by Fountas and Pinnell) within our guided reading, to work strategically with students in small groups to read and comprehend a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.



Our Reading Recovery Program supports children in Year 1 who need extra support in reading and writing. It provides an intensive 20 week individualised program of one-to-one teaching in literacy skills, with the ultimate aim of supporting children to move back into classroom programs.Our Rainbow Room is a dedicated space for the Reading Recovery Program, providing a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for students and their families requiring support in reading and writing.

At St Monica’s we believe it is essential that all children develop skills in English to be effective communicators and life long learners. We believe children learn by talking – talking represents how students think. By engaging in conversation we develop our students ability to express themselves, comprehend ideas and share their thinking in our world.


We believe our students need to acquire a wide range of skills in writing for varying purposes and audiences. Our staff have worked with literacy and education consultant Deb Sukarna to develop understandings about developing ‘seeds’ (or ideas) for writing, and then working through a process from drafting to publication. This process provides ownership, and a deep connection and motivation for children in their writing, as well as reinforcing skills in writing for particular audiences, reviewing their work and editing.

We celebrate our children as authors through our annual Writer’s Festival where students showcase their published stories with the school community.