Family Engagement

Our families are one of our greatest assets.  Supportive, engaged and rich in skill and experience, our community enables us to achieve excellent outcomes for our students.

This community supports and enhances the learning in the school through being positive and proactive.  Every one of our parents works with staff to improve outcomes for all our students.

St Monica’s has a dedicated Family Engagement Leader, who engages parents and families in the children’s learning and views parents as the ‘first educators’.

Families can contribute in a variety of ways:

Our Learning Programs

We welcome our families practical support in classrooms and learning spaces.  Some of the ways they are currently supporting us include:

  • Helping in Literacy programs
  • Retelling personal histories
  • Providing ‘Expert Consultant’ services for units of work (such as Science Week)
  • Sourcing outside providers of information and expertise
  • Attending excursions
  • Participating in ‘Community Conversations’ (forums to advise on school projects and initiatives)

Kitchen Gardening

Families are regularly invited to work with teachers and students to cultivate our vegetable garden and engage students through hands-on involvement in all aspects of life in the garden!  It’s an opportunity to socialise with other parents and have a fun and relaxing time in the garden, as well supporting the school’s sustainability efforts.

Members of the broader school community benefit from our harvest!  Students coordinate Garden Harvest Sales where families can purchase the gardens harvest for a small donation.  These donations flow back through to the ongoing maintenance and development of the gardens.