Learning & Teaching


 The learning of mathematics empowers students with the skills and strategies necessary to successfully work through and solve problems independently in their everyday lives and in the real world.

At St. Monica’s we aim to give students a “hands on” understanding of Mathematics, which relates to real life. We strive to prepare students for a world where problem solving and constant change dominate.

We believe students need to develop and consolidate their understanding of basic mathematical concepts, which they can then translate into their everyday lives.

Mathematics is not just about being able to solve algorithms; but having the skills, knowledge and aptitude to go further.

Students are involved in activities designed to emphasise interaction, collaboration and organisational skills.

Our Mathematics program is centred around delivery of important mathematical concepts through the use of:

  • challenging problems;
  • ‘rich tasks’;
  • open-ended questions;
  • extended investigations;
  • games;
  • building mental computation strategies;
  • visualisation;
  • discussion of solution strategies; and,
  • the appropriate use of materials and representations supported by current ICT resources.


Junior A working together to create an ‘interactive’ picture graph and interpreting the information they have gathered.