At St Monica’s we are all about Learning and Teaching.  It is our passion.

Everyone in our community is seen as a learner and a teacher. Through the curriculum framework provided by the Victorian Curriculum we craft learning sequences and explorations that are designed to meet the individual needs of our students in the context of our Local and Global communities. We strives to create a  safe and welcoming Catholic community where student diversity, inclusion and wellbeing is respected and valued and work hard to provide the best possible learning environment for each child in the school, developing them to their full potential, spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

As the world changes, so do the needs of the children in our community. Our Learning and Teaching practices evolve and expand constantly in order to maintain relevance and effectiveness. Current pedagogical research is used to determine the most effective methods and strategies to support learning.

Our programs are underpinned by data analysis for continuous school improvement – we utilise both quantitative and qualitative data (for example formal and informal assessments, pre and post testing and observations) to measure and ensure each student is making steady progress and learning growth.  Consequently, our Learning and Teaching programs are tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring that each child is supported and can feel successful in their learning.

Being a small school, our teachers develop a close and trusting relationship with each child and their family, which in turn provides an environment where students develop confidence in their learning.