Travel to and from St Monica’s (Travel Methods)

Walking, Scooting or Riding to and from School

At St. Monica’s we encourage students to regularly walk, scoot or ride their bike to school if they live in the local Footscray area. This builds healthy habits for life by making physical activity part of their everyday life. Any students riding their bikes or scooters, need to walk them from the main access gates on Wingfield St to the bike shelter.

Car Drop off and Collection 

Students can be dropped off at any point close to the school grounds and walk in or they can be dropped off in the school loop parking spots.  Staff supervision commences from 8.30am when the school access gates are opened. Any students arriving at school earlier than this time will be unsupervised.

Train Travel

If your child is required to use the train to get to and from St Monica’s, we kindly ask that you notify the school and seek a conversation with the principal. This is in line with our child safe practices.