2023 Fees & Levies

Family Fees

In 2023 our School fees are $1495 per family, per year.

Payment Options:

  • Annual amount at the beginning of the year; or,
  • Four instalments of $531.25 paid at the commencement of each term.

Student Tuition Levy

In 2023 the Tuition Levy is $630 per child, made up of:

  • $355 for books and resources (Curriculum Levy);
  • $125 for swimming; and,
  • $150 for excursions.

Parents who have a current Healthcare Card can apply to receive the State Government Camps and School Excursion Fund, which pays the Excursion Levy and can be used to assist pay for Camps.

Families who have children in a year level where a school camp is provided will be informed with sufficient notice of all associated costs and important information.

Please note our school fees are subject to an annual increase if deemed necessary in consultation with our MACS business manager.

2023 School Fees Payment Schedule